4 Reasons to Hire the Inexperienced Candidate



When it’s time to hire, experience often tops the list. However, have you considered bringing in a less seasoned candidate, one you can shape and train into a star employee?

When it’s time to hire, choosing the less experienced option can actually provide you with a few advantages. Here’s a look at four of them:

#1: You can train them on how you’d like the job done.

When you hire someone with experience on the job, they have their own way of doing things. However, with a greener candidate, they’ll be more open-minded and eager to learn how you want a task or job performed. You can therefore train and shape them more easily, so they adopt the organization’s approach rather than their own.

#2: You can hire them at a lower cost.

When it comes to cost, you’re going to be able to save money when you hire someone with less experience. This includes the salary you offer, as well as the benefits too. You can try them out and gain a sense of whether they’re going to work well as part of your team, all without adding as much to your overhead as you would with a more experienced hire.

#3: You can get people with fresh ideas and perspectives.

When you hire those with less experience, they often come with new ideas and fresh perspectives. An industry veteran is going to be firmly rooted in what they’ve experienced and learned over the years. However, a newbie is going to look at problems and challenges differently and perhaps provide more innovative or creative solutions.

#4: They work hard.

If you hire someone who’s green and give them a chance, they’ll be more likely to work harder for you. They know they’re going to have to prove themselves, and this often means they’ll go the extra mile to achieve success. As a result, they can make a valuable impact on your team and your company.

When it comes to certain positions, experience matters. You might need someone who has extensive technical skills and abilities and can bring that expertise to the table. However, there also positions or situations where it makes sense to consider a less experienced individual. It’s therefore important to understand the job requirements and what your needs are to find an employee who will be the best fit. In whatever you do decide, make sure you carefully screen and evaluate them to ensure you make a great choice.

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