How To Encourage Teamwork Within Your Construction Crew



Every work environment brings different personalities. The same is true for construction, where there are a range of personalities that need to be managed to create a cohesive, functioning crew. If you don’t put some time and effort into team building, conflict and tension can result.

Here are some tips for encouraging a better way to work together:

Make expectations clear.

When workers are unsure about goals or expectations, or they keep shifting, it leads to frustration and disengagement. It’s why you need to be clear about individual duties and objectives, as well as team-wide ones. Make sure everyone understands deadlines and why their contributions matter, working together toward a bigger picture.

Pair new workers with experienced ones.

If you’re like most construction companies, you’re likely managing a multi-generational workforce. Take advantage of it. Pair up seasoned workers with new ones and encourage a transfer of knowledge both ways. While this helps to teach your new workers how to do their jobs better, it also creates more camaraderie among your crew.

Create opportunities to socialize.

Set aside time at the end of the day to talk with your crew and ask how the work went. Invite them out for a drink or happy hour after the end of a long shift. Buy breakfast or lunch for them and talk to each one, individually, so you get to know them on a more personal basis. This will create more trust, open communication, and stronger relationships.

Make safety a priority.

When workers don’t feel safe on the job or corners are being cut, it’s going to cause turnover. It can also lead to an accident or injury. It’s why safety should always be a priority. You should communicate about it regularly and offer training refreshers to ensure everyone is following the same rules. Also, run safety scenarios so you can test out how effective your team is during an incident, while creating an opportunity to team build and communicate.

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