Safety Checklist: 5 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself & Your Family This Summer


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Safety should be a priority throughout the entire year. However, with June being National Safety Month, it’s always a good time to revisit important safety tips, especially with the heat of summer just around the corner.

To help you protect yourself and your family while you enjoy the great outdoors in the weeks ahead, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Stay safe in the sun.

After a cold Montana winter, the sun feels so good. However, be mindful of how powerful it really is. It’s important to use sunscreen, take water breaks, step inside to cool off, and wear sunglasses. For those little ones, it’s also important to be liberal with the sunscreen and even purchase sun protective clothing and hats.

Tell insects to bug off.

Once the temperatures warm up, the bugs come out. Make sure you’re not a target of mosquitoes, bees, and ticks, all of which can be harmful, especially to kids. Ticks especially are dangerous since they carry diseases like Lyme and West Nile.

To keep them away, use repellant that contains DEET. Once you’re back inside, wash the product off. If you’re outside in the woods, wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts that are light in color. Also, get rid of any areas around your yard that are attracting bugs, like standing water.

Keep helmets on.

Now that bikes, scooters and skateboards are out of the shed for the summer, make sure you’re also getting helmets out of storage, too. This is an important device when it comes to reducing the risk of head injury and death from a crash. Model good behavior by wearing one of your own when riding your bike.

Be safe around pools.

Drowning is a major risk, especially to young children. Whether you have a pool or you’re around one, make sure you’re taking proper safety measures. Even if your child is older, don’t assume they’re safe. There always needs to be an adult nearby if children are in the pool.

Check your playground.

If you have a playground in the backyard, check it to make sure it’s in good condition and doesn’t need any repairs before allowing children on it. Also, make sure there’s something soft, like mulch or wood chips, underneath it to cushion any falls.

Summer is a season filled with a lot of fun, but many potential dangers, too. Make sure you have an enjoyable and safe season ahead by following the tips above.

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