What Are "Gig Summer Jobs" & What Are the Benefits?



For many years now, more and more people have been moving to “gig work.” This rose dramatically during the pandemic and is now a trend that’s here to stay and expected to grow.

So what is it exactly and how can it benefit you?

Gig work is the opposite of the traditional 9-5 schedule with one employer. It’s more akin to contract or temporary work where a professional works on a short-term basis for a range of different employers.

While there might be a time you’re working 9-5, there are also instances when you’ll maintain a non-traditional schedule. With some gig work, you can even set your own hours. Overall, it’s a more flexible way to live and work, one that’s grown in popularity!

For some workers, their sole source of income is through gig work. For others, it’s to supplement another, regular job they have. For instance, many people take on gig work over the summer or around the holidays to earn extra money.

In addition to offering a more flexible work schedule and lifestyle, there are a range of other advantages to gig work. For instance, you can try something new since gig work gives you a greater ability to choose projects or “gigs” that align with your goals and interests. That’s not always the case in a full-time job that you’re planning to stay in for the long term.

You can also test out different industries. This will give you an insider’s look into a particular industry before making a complete career change into it. You can make career choices with more confidence, as a result.

Is gig work a good fit for you?

Gig work isn’t for everyone. If you prefer a 9-5 work schedule and a relationship with one employer, then a full-time job is certainly a better option. In addition, if you like being part of a team and working with the same colleagues every day, then you’re more likely to thrive in a traditional work setting.

However, if you think gig summer work is for you, contact A2Z Staffing Solutions. As one of Helena, MT’s leading employment agencies, we work with a variety of employers to fill contract, temporary and remote positions. We can give you access to these more flexible opportunities, so you maintain the lifestyle that works best for you. Find out more by searching our jobs today!