As the saying goes, “your people are your most important asset.” If, however, they don’t feel recognized or valued, they’re going to move on to more attractive opportunities. It’s why employee recognition is crucial to your company’s long-term success. Here’s what it entails and how to ensure your employees feel appreciated.


Employees need recognition to succeed. Without it, not only do they lose motivation, but also focus. You want employees to take pride in their work and feel satisfied on the job. Employee recognition is critical to achieving that.

However, contrary to what many employers think, employee recognition doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. It can simply include a word of thanks to a hard-working employee or making sure you highlight their achievements in the company newsletter. Doing so not only spotlights their performance, but pushes them and others to perform better too.


Employee recognition is important for a number of reasons. For instance, according to many workplace studies, it’s a driving factor in attracting and retaining top candidates. It also increases productivity since employees know that if they achieve certain goals, they will be rewarded.

In terms of team culture, employee recognition plays an important part in creating a positive and healthy atmosphere to work in. Employees will be happier, and as a result, work harder together to meet certain performance goals. In addition, it also creates strong bonds and more trust between managers and their employees.

Employee recognition also has many tangible benefits, including lower employee absenteeism and stress. Workers who are recognized and feel valued are more likely to show up, achieve goals, and maintain a positive attitude. This all translates into less sick days and tardiness.

All of this combines to impact the customer experience. When you have a team that’s praised and recognized, it will lead to more satisfied customers. Employees will strive to meet the needs of the customer and go the extra mile if there’s an issue. This can help your company retain top customers and attract new ones.

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